PIM is the key to outstanding product experiences

Introducing a modern PIM system is a prerequisite for companies who want to offer a great B2B and B2C customer experience. For over 20 years, novomind has successfully pursued its goal of supporting industry and trade with PIM expertise and software solutions. The enterprise PIM system novomind iPIM combines PIM expertise with high ease of use, scalability, flexibility and connectivity, and enables high-quality product data processes – end-to-end.
Why is a PIM/PXM system so important?

Data will make the deal in future

The better the product data, the greater the shopping experience and the higher the conversion rate, and ultimately companies’ turnover. At the same time, the rate of returns also falls. A powerful PIM system, therefore, ticks everyone’s boxes: for customers, as well as your company in digital commerce.
What is PXM?

The path from product data to product experience

Nowadays, customers expect the right information at the right time, and via the right channel. This is subsumed under the new term Product Experience Management. This is not just a buzzword: with the growing number of channels and touchpoints now forming part of the customer journey, an outstanding shopping experience across all relevant channels is a must.

Significantly more channels

Both B2B and B2C organisations will need to offer more than just one or two sales channels in the future, including e-commerce, mobile commerce, marketplaces and, increasingly, conversational commerce. In doing so, companies that want to provide an excellent customer experience must ensure that meaningful information is provided for the different channels.

Did you know?

  • In 2019, the expected turnover in B2C e-commerce had already reached €57.8 billion. This corresponds to an increase of 8.5% compared to 2018. Or to put it another way, more than 3 times the growth of brick-and-mortar retail.
  • A good product image alone can increase the transaction completion rate in online sales by as much as 28%!
  • For 95% of buyers, product information plays an essential role in whether they decide to buy or not.
  • 87% of customers have indicated that they probably wouldn’t visit an online shop again if it transpired that incorrect product information had been displayed.
  • 25% of customers who abandon an online purchase do so because of a lack of product information.

Source: iPIM/PXM Whitepaper

Product data in enhanced quality

PIM, the heart of every PXM system

The basis for an individualised form of perfect product placement continues to be modern Product Information Management (PIM). All product data is stored in a central system and refined to a high quality so that product data can be expanded into product experiences.

From PIM to Product Experience Management System (PXM)

novomind iPIM

The PIM system with integrated PXM

Comprehensive product data for every channel

In order to efficiently manage product data in line with customer requirements and take full advantage of the opportunities it presents, it is important to work with the right experts. With the help of novomind iPIM, product data can be prepared in such a way that the right description for the right product is available at any time and on any channel, and can be output in a personalised context according to the customer’s expectations.


The benchmark among PIM systems

novomind iPIM is one of the leading PIM/PXM solutions for omnichannel commerce companies and has grown into a benchmark in the industry in many projects with well-known customers by creating added value for industry, retailers and customers alike.


Grows in line with your requirements

novomind iPIM is modular, grows together with companies’ requirements and is suitable for an array of sectors. And the crucial thing is: the corresponding Product Experience Management System (PXM) is already integrated into novomind iPIM.

Context is king

PXM systems open up new sales possibilities

  • Conversational commerce
    Direct dialogue between customer and company changes the shopping experience. From getting in touch, no string attached, to receiving an individual consultation directly through to making an online purchase. Chatbots or voice assistants will also help with sales in the future.
  • Contextual commerce
    Individual product experiences: customers want to shop while they cook, play, drive to work or exercise. When customers have these impulses to buy, buy buttons in emails, blogs or Instagram Stories are on hand to seize the opportunity.

These features of a modern PXM system are already integrated into novomind iPIM

Digital shelf information back to PIM

Customer reviews and KPIs from the shop are fed directly back into the PIM system. Workflows are used, for example, to optimise product data quality and avoid returns.

A customer approach based on channel and context

It’s easy to generate context-related product data for different sales channels and target audiences, through to personalisation.

AI support

AI technology can be used to support content creation and data quality management, saving on time and costs.

Conversational commerce

The use of product information in messenger commerce or for voice assistants opens up new sales channels and creates turnover, and this can be easily done in conjunction with novomind Connected iProducts.

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