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Omnichannel customer service creates seamless customer experiences across all communication channels. It is an extension of multichannel customer service and offers companies numerous advantages.

What is omnichannel customer service?

Consistent service at all touchpoints

In the past, customer service was based on stand-alone solutions. A chat request would arrive before the agent had even had chance to read the email, but the agent would have to re-log in. And then the customer had even called up in the meantime. For a long time, the most common point of contact for customer queries was by far and away the voice channel. Nowadays, things are different: customers expect quick answers, preferably at any time and always consistently across different touchpoints – whether by email, telephone, messenger chat or social media.


Good omnichannel customer service meets customer expectations even with a high volume of enquiries and is therefore of immense importance, especially for medium-sized and large companies, regardless of the industry, both B2C and B2B.


The fact of the matter is: pushing customers into certain channels or constantly revisiting their queries when channels change has a negative impact on the customer experience. Worst-case scenario: they discontinue the process or move over to the competition.

What is the difference between omnichannel and multichannel customer service?

Being contactable on different channels is already standard for most companies. The challenge is to offer customers several channels at the same time and, in doing so, enable a smooth transition between different touchpoints. If all channels are not correctly integrated here, communication will be full of gaps.

  • Multichannel customer service: a company offers different channels of communication, but these run in parallel to each other and are not interconnected. For example, customers can contact the support team via SMS, email or telephone, but enquiries are not automatically transferred from one channel to the next.
  • Omnichannel customer service: the customer receives consistent responses across every channel. Perfect for a 360° customer journey and ideal for agents, because they can provide individual support without any loss of information.

Benefits of omnichannel customer service

With the right software, omnichannel customer service is easy to implement – even for very large, complex companies. This has many advantages.

Faster solutions

It saves time when agents can immediately start dealing with a query and customers don't have to repeat their request, especially if requests have been pre-qualified using AI, by way of a chatbot.

Higher brand value

Where companies improve every channel of communication and customer experience is thus also improved, this is reflected in the higher appreciation customers have for all brands that take customer queries seriously.

Higher customer satisfaction

Stepping in to help the customer at the exact point they have got to in the process and providing the best possible service in doing so – this strengthens customer relations and increases their loyalty.

Setting yourself apart from the competition

In an ever-expanding market, best-in-class customer service is the perfect way to set yourself apart from the competition.

Greater employee satisfaction

Omnichannel customer service increases efficiency and thus the average handling time. This gives agents more time for training or working on complex issues.

Increase in sales

Satisfied customers are more like to stay on board. Making sure queries are efficiently processed also reduces the workload in the contact centre. Both lead to better profit.

For a seamless customer journey

Which channels are part of omnichannel customer service?

Our philosophy goes one step further: modern omnichannel customer service should – as the name suggests – not only include all possible channels of communication, i.e. customer service, but also digital commerce and even the business conducted at different branches:

  • Many customers swear by the personal experience they receive in a real retail store environment and give this channel its raison d’être. It is crucial to seamlessly integrate retail into the customer journey, whether that be off- or online. The better a company’s e-commerce platform is integrated into the company’s own system, the more efficient the business they conduct at their different branches can become. This, in turn, contributes to the customer experience (CX).
  • Mobile services also play a central role. In addition to the voice channel, which remains a popular choice, these are also messengers available, such as WhatsApp, or SMS and voice messages. This is joined by support via email or social media, such as Facebook Messenger.

The software for your omnichannel customer service

For keen companies and customers

Contact centre software for 24/7 availability, 365 days a year

Online retailers, banks, insurance companies, energy suppliers, service providers or public institutions, they all face the same challenge: the end customers of today expect a good product as well as personal customer service. What counts here is speed and consistent responses across all channels. novomind iAGENT has been offering customer communication, optimised in terms of process and costs, for over 20 years now and combines all channels of communication in a single software product.

Things can get even better

The omnichannel customer experience

novomind takes a holistic approach to customer service and experience. The combination of the two omnichannel systems novomind iAGENT and novomind iSHOP as part of the “novomind Connected iProducts” programme is the next step when it comes to individual customer communication in online retail. We call it: the omnichannel customer experience Intelligent dialogue is possible across all channels of communication and this is increasingly developing into efficient advice and purchasing support for online shoppers.

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Customer service, taken further

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