Cross-channel services – B2C and B2B

Omnichannel commerce offers B2C and B2B customers a consistent shopping experience across all channels – online and offline, regardless of device or platform. This allows high-performance companies to create a positive customer experience and achieve higher sales.

What is omnichannel commerce?

The same services at all touchpoints

Customers of today want to shop anytime, anywhere. This makes the customer journey more complex. Companies need to cover numerous touchpoints and link different channels in their customers’ buying process so that they can offer the same services at all touchpoints. This is what omnichannel commerce does.


When moving forwards from multichannel commerce, it’s no longer a matter of simply being contactable across different channels, whether it’s digitally through apps, websites, email and social media, or physically in store. Multichannel is the answer, but it has one major drawback: the different platforms are not in sync. This means: if customers want to change channels during their customer journey, companies need omnichannel commerce platforms.


The requirements are becoming increasingly demanding, and not only in B2C or D2C. Today’s business customers also want a consistent customer journey in B2B. According to a McKinsey study, just over 80% of B2B managers believe that omnichannel commerce is at least as effective or even more effective than traditional strategies.

What are the benefits of omnichannel commerce?

  • With competition becoming ever fiercer, an excellent customer experience helps companies to stand out and retain customers over the long term. Omnichannel commerce thus strengthens company image and can serve to build a loyal customer base. What’s more, also according to the McKinsey study, 79% of German B2B managers believe that omnichannel sales is useful for generating new customers.
  • Key to success is the personalised data gained from the customer journey. With omnichannel commerce, customer data can be collected and aggregated from multiple channels. How do they behave? What really interests them about your brand? What is missing for a smooth customer journey? A holistic overview of the data provides key insights for a positive customer experience and higher customer satisfaction – from initial contact to the point of sale through to the after-sales service.

Omnichannel commerce: these are our solutions

Companies that want to successfully implement omnichannel commerce for their brands and across different markets need suitable software systems. For this purpose, our cloud-based novomind Connected iProducts offer solutions from a single source, can be individually configured and are extremely reliable, even with very large amounts of data. And they are compliant with the GDPR as a matter of course.

novomind iPIM logo

A modular digital commerce PIM system

novomind iPIM is a comprehensive, modular PIM system for digital product experience management (PXM) and product-related master data management (MDM).

novomind iSHOP logo

An innovative real-time shop system

novomind iSHOP is an innovative, modular real-time shop system for growth-oriented B2C and B2B companies, creating a personalised customer journey.

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Maximum reach, guaranteed

novomind iMARKET is highly-automated, modular marketplace middleware for strategic marketplace trading.

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Available 24/7, 365 days a year

As a leading omnichannel contact centre system, novomind iAGENT offers true 360° customer service for medium-sized to very large companies with high volumes of inbound queries.

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